Monday, August 13, 2012

Most Cited Tenured &Tenure Track Antitrust Law Professors

Antitrust law is arguably the most important part of sports law, with labor law, intellectual property law, contract law, constitutional law, criminal law, tax law and immigration law (among other areas of law) also playing key roles. Whether the topic is lockouts, age restrictions or any other way teams/leagues/conferences/divisions join hands, antitrust law is implicated.

Over on Antitrust Competition and Policy Blog, University of Florida Law Professor Daniel Sokol, who is visiting this upcoming year at the University of Minnesota Law School, has used the Westlaw journals and law review (JLR) database to determine which antitrust law professors who are tenured or tenure-track have received the most citations since 2010.

Three of the top 75 professors are sports law professors, and a few others on the list have writings that implicate sports law.

Good to see our area of law continue to gain influence in the broader legal academy.

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